Media Center

Welcome to the Adventureland Media Center! The Adventureland Communications Team welcomes both inquiries and visits from credentialed members of the news media for the production of high-quality news features and programs.

The Adventureland communications team is eager to work with members of both traditional media, as well as online and social media influencers. For media on-assignment, please reach out directly to our team to learn more about in-park options.

The 2023 season features plenty of excitement at the Home of Iowa’s Best Thrills. The beloved log ride returns bigger and better than ever as Draken Falls! The Viking themed super flume will be intertwined with the Flying Viking roller coaster. Park-wide improvements also await guests this season, alongside a season full of events.

Media Contact

Media inquiries and requests can be directed to:

Alex Payne
Regional Public Relations Manager

Address: 305 34th Avenue, Altoona, IA 50009
Phone: 515.249.9765

Media Admission Policy

Adventureland welcomes visits by the media to cover the interesting happenings at the Home of Iowa’s Best Thrills. Park policy requires that working media be escorted by a member of the communications department unless expressly cleared in advance by the Regional Public Relations Manager.

Media are also welcome to visit to familiarize themselves with the park and its many story opportunities through a park visit. Media park visits are only available for active, working news media. Administrative, sales, and/or retired personnel are not eligible for media admission passes. We extend tickets as a professional courtesy and consider requests on a case-by-case basis based upon news outlet and market through traditional and social channels. Media park visits can be requested by contacting the Regional Public Relations Manager and should be made at least one week before your desired visit date.

Complimentary admission is available to media in the following categories:

        Broadcast - News Producers, News Directors/Assistant Directors, Reporters, Managing/Assignment/Planning Editors, News Writers, Online/Web Producers,             Photojournalists and Meteorologists.
        Print/Online - Editors, Reporters, Photojournalists, Publishers, Managing/Assignment Editors and Freelance Writers.
        Social Media– Bloggers and influencers are considered on a case-by-case basis if the blogger/influencer has a significant social media following and meets other criteria.

For general media inquiries, b-roll footage, and high-resolution images requests, contact the communications department.

If you would like to be included on the Adventureland media list, please let us know

Influencer Program

Are you an influencer, blogger, or vlogger interested in a sponsored visit to the park? Adventureland welcomes influencers with unique followings across all social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Influencer offerings and giveaways in exchange for content creation, infeed posts, and stories are negotiable through our communications department. Content creators and Influencers wishing to help tell our stories are encouraged to apply for our influencer program.

Content creators wishing to visit and create content on their own are asked to abide by the following rules:

  • Photography is permitted in public areas of the park only and should not interfere with park operation or the guest experience in any way. 
  • Unauthorized on-ride point-of-view (POV) photography is strictly prohibited. POV footage requests can be made, but not during Adventureland operating hours.
  • While gathering content, interviewing guests or associates is not permitted.
  • Large cameras and crews are not permitted. To request this type of production, please contact us with your specific request.
  • Equipment acceptable for recording on our midways include phones, small video cameras, and DSLRs without tripods or stabilization equipment.
  • All guests featured in photos and video must obey park rules. Guests must also participate in a way that is prescribed by the attraction manufacturer.
  • During Phantom Fall Fest, no cameras or photography is permitted inside our haunted houses or scare zones.

Please tag our official Instagram, Facebook or TikTok accounts in your posts - we may share the content you've created!

Violation of any of these rules may result in dismissal from the park.

Drone Policy

Drones may pose a potential safety risk to our guests and staff. All drones (Unmanned Aerial Systems) are prohibited at Adventureland Resort. Any unauthorized drone observed over Adventureland Resort will be reported to the FAA and local law enforcement, regardless of its point of origin or operation

Story Ideas

Looking for a story to tell about Adventureland this year? Here are some ideas to get you


  • Iowa's Largest Halloween Event 
        Phantom Fall Fest, September 23 - October 29 
        Science of the scares  
        All-new Club Blood featuring glowing drinks with smoke 
        Eight haunted attractions includeing four all-new scare zones
  • Hiring Efforts
        Adventureland’s response to a changing job market
        Why a job at Adventureland is perfect for all ages
        Scare Actors wanted for Iowa’s largest Halloween event, Phantom Fall Fest
  • Upcoming 50th Birthday Celebration
        Park-wide renovations and improvements leading up to the celebration
        Dynamic new food, beverage, and retail experiences in response to changing trends
        Return of the Underground, the world’s only indoor wooden roller coaster

Latest News

Get the scoop on the latest news and events happening this summer at Adventureland! For additional news and updates, check out the official Adventureland blog.

Park Descriptions

  • 25 Word Park Description

    Adventureland Resort is the Home of Iowa’s Best Thrills. New in 2023, Adventureland Resort introduces the Flying Viking roller coaster and Draken Falls log ride.

  • 50 Word Park Description

    Adventureland Resort is the Home of Iowa’s Best Thrills. From fun that kids and adults can enjoy together to thrilling world-class rides like the Monster, Adventureland Resort offers something for everyone in the family. New in 2023, Viking invaders bring the Flying Viking roller coaster and Draken Falls log ride.

  • 100 Word Park Description

    Adventureland Resort is the Home of Iowa’s Best Thrills. From fun that kids and adults can enjoy together to thrilling world-class rides like the Monster, Adventureland Resort offers something for everyone. New in 2023, Viking invaders bring two thrilling new attractions, Flying Viking roller coaster and Draken Falls log ride. The Adventureland experience goes beyond the rides: guests can make a splash at Adventure Bay water park or try the famous Southern fried chicken! Enjoy the full resort with a stay at Adventureland Inn or campground, and Spectators Sports Bar and Grill is the place to be for every game.

Park Logos & Photos

Need an Adventureland logo or great shot of our park? Check out our gallery or visit the Adventureland Media Kit for additional photos and video. Please email if you need assistance obtaining additional photo or video assets.

Adventureland 50th Anniversary Logo red and white

Adventureland 50th Anniversary Logo - Red and Yellow

Resort Logo - Primary

Resort Logo - Primary

Hotel Logo

Hotel Logo

Adventureland Bay

Water Park Logo

Adventureland 50th Anniversary Logo black and white

Adventureland 50th Anniversary Logo - Black and White

Theme Park Logo

Theme Park Logo

Adventureland Campground logo

Adventureland Campground

Draken Falls
Flying Viking
Rockin' Rainbow