Ride Accessibility Guide

Adventureland Park is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience to all of our guests. All of our rides have safety systems that are designed to maximize safety.  In order to ensure a safe experience, some guests may not be able to safely enjoy all of our attractions due to ride manufacturer design. Signage is available at ride entrances to inform guests of the requirements for each ride. Guests should observe all ride signage, instructions from ride operators, and the information in this guide. Adventureland Park management reserves the right to refuse access to a ride which is deemed unsafe for a guest.  

Guests should be aware that in some rare circumstances, it may be necessary to evacuate guests from areas other than the normal loading/unloading platform. If you do not believe you would be able to unload from an elevated platform and/or negotiate a ladder or stairs from the highest position on the ride, we recommend that you do not ride. Please note that our team members are not trained to lift or carry guests on or off of our rides.

Don't Want Your Trip to End?

Don't Want Your Trip to End?