Opening Day: Saturday, May 18th

Get ready for the Start of Adventureland’s 50th Celebration!
Pay For a Day, Get the Summer FREE! Season Passes Start at $69.99!

Due to low temperatures, Adventure Bay will be closed for the remainder of today (5.28.24).


Get the Most Out of Your Park Visit!

But wait...there's more! Don't miss out on the park's hidden gems and make the most of your park visit. Just when you think you've enjoyed all the park has to offer, there are still some extras you have yet to discover. We want your park visit to be as memorable and as fun as possible, so be sure to take advantage of the perks and extras.

Speedy Pass

Speedy Pass

Speedy Pass is the best way to enjoy Adventureland! Skip the line to some of Adventureland's most popular rides. 


Speedy Pass allows you to...

  • Make virtual reservations for attractions on your phone
  • Reduce your wait times by up to 90%
  • Explore the park and experience other attractions while waiting for you reservation 

Electric Scooters

Only $55

Take an expedition through Adventureland on one of our electric scooters. Give your feet a break as you ride in style. Cruise from ride to ride, and don't forget to make a pit stop at one of our delicious food stands along the way. 


Starting at $21

General Parking: $21

General Parking - Oversized: $26

Preferred Parking: $26

Underground: A Reimagined Thrill Ride

Prepare to be swept away on an adventure like never before as Underground, the world's only indoor wooden roller coaster, undergoes a spectacular reimagination. With new scenes, enhanced classics, and elevated theming throughout, this iconic ride promises an exhilarating journey deep underground.

The Underground