Tickets & Discounts

 What is included in my admission price?

Your admission includes all rides, attractions and most shows at Adventureland, including the Adventure Bay water park (when in operation).

Click Here to view a calendar of hours for Adventureland and Adventure Bay!

PLEASE NOTE: Capacity limits will be observed in Adventure Bay during peak times.

 What other Palace Entertainment Parks are included in an Adventureland Platinum Pass?
 Click here for a full list of Palace Entertainment parks.
 I already purchased my season pass for the 2022 season.  Will there be any changes to the perks or benefits I get with my pass?
You will continue to get all of the benefits that come along with your season pass. Plus, new in 2022, Platinum Season Passholders will get access to the full Palace Entertainment portfolio of amusement and water parks including Noah’s Ark in the Wisconsin Dells, America’s Largest Waterpark; Kennywood in Pittsburgh, PA; Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA; and 20 other parks throughout the United States. 
 Can I use a Platinum Pass from other Palace Entertainment Parks at Adventureland?
Yes. Platinum Passes from other Palace Entertainment Parks (Kennywood, Noah’s Ark) include parking and general admission for Adventureland. They must be used at the park they are purchased at first, before they can be used at Adventureland. They do not include any of the Adventureland Platinum Pass exclusive benefits such as perks at the Adventureland Inn.
 Do I need to buy a ticket if I don't want to go on any rides?
Yes – everyone entering Adventureland Park needs an admission ticket.
 Is there a "family" season pass available? 
No - All season passes and tickets to Adventureland are sold on a per person basis.
 I lost my season pass. Can I get it replaced?
Yes - We strongly recommend that you immediately report your card as lost or stolen by calling 515-266-2121 ext. 3350 during the park season. Any season pass reported as lost or stolen to Adventureland's admissions department will immediately be canceled for the remainder of the season.

You must purchase a replacement pass for $10, even if you later find your old pass. Any season pass that is not reported as lost or stolen and is fraudulently used, with or without the consent of the season pass holder, will result in the revocation of the season pass.
 What coupons & discounts are available? How do I use them?

Online Discount

Buying online is the best value.  Pick your date and save more than 40% off the general front gate admission!  Check our single-day ticket options.  Children 3 and under are admitted free.

 When can we have our Season Pass photos taken?
Early Season Processing
Adventureland’s season pass office will traditionally be open for early season processing the week prior to Adventureland Park opening. Please check back for 2022 early season processing dates!

During the Season
The season pass office will also open at 9:30AM on park operating days (with the park opening at 10:00AM). We would advise you come early to avoid any potential lines.
 What are the Season Pass rules and regulations?
Season Pass rules and regulations can be found by clicking HERE.
 Can unused tickets or season passes be refunded?
Adventureland Park updated its refund policy. Please Click Here for full details.
 How do I submit a donation request?
Thank you for thinking of Adventureland Resort in your effort to solicit donations. Due to the unprecedented number of requests received each year, Adventureland Resort has established the following policy regarding grants of donations:

1. Adventureland can only accept donation requests from verified 501(c)(3) charitable entities. The organization’s Tax Identification number from the Internal Revenue Service will be required.

2. All requests for donations must be submitted annually between December 1 and December 31 using our online donation request form. All requests must be made during this 31-day period annually. Any requests made outside this time period and/or submitted by mail, will not be considered.

3. Requests submitted using our online donation request form during the proper time period will be evaluated in January of the ensuing year. If your request is selected for an award, it will be made by the end of January. All awards will be sent by mail.

All requests for donation must be submitted between December 1 and December 31 only. Thank you!
 Does Adventureland have a military discount?

Yes we do! Military members are eligible to receive up to 4 discounted tickets for themselves and their friends/family. Pricing and instructions for military tickets can be accessed by emailing

*Please note the military discount for single day tickets cannot be combined with any other discounts, or during our special Holiday pricing ( traditionally late October thru December 31st).