Adventureland Park

 How do I get to Adventureland?
 What changes or updates can I expect to see in the park next year?
Adventureland will have the same focus on creating new memories and delivering a strong guest experience. We are excited with the new additions opening in 2022: nine new attractions perfect for children and families. Combined with the park’s current line-up of over 100 rides and attractions and plans for two more all-new rides in 2023. We will share more about 2023’s new rides as we get closer to Opening Day!
 How much is parking at Adventureland?

Parking purchased online in advance is $15 plus tax per car, per day. Parking purchased at the parking booth is $20 tax included per car, per day. Oversized vehicles (any vehicle that takes up more than one parking space) will be charged $25 plus tax per vehicle per day. 

 How much are electric or push wheelchair rentals?

Wheelchair and Electric Scooter rentals have moved locations! They are now located at the Firehouse on Main Street, just outside of the entry to the Palace Theatre! 

Push wheelchairs rent for $15 plus tax per day and electric wheelchairs rent for $60 plus tax per day. A credit card and a valid photo ID are required to rent a wheelchair. Reservations can be made online by clicking HERE. Reservations are recommended as supplies are limited.

All guests using wheelchairs or ECV’s, whether personal or rented, must follow all manufacturers’ operating guidelines and park safety rules. All devices must be single rider only. For safety reasons, Segways, personal golf carts and other power driven mobility devices are NOT permitted in the park.

 Are lockers available for rent?
Lockers are available for rent in Adventure Bay.

Lockers in Adventure Bay are electronic and come in 3 sizes. The cost is $15, $20, or $25 plus tax depending on the size of the locker. The cost on weekends and holidays is $18, $25, or $30 plus tax depending on the size of the locker. Adventure Bay lockers do not require a security deposit. Locker rentals are single day rentals only.
 What payment(s) are accepted at Adventureland?
Adventureland is cashless starting in 2022. Adventureland accepts all major debit and credit cards. Cash nor checks will be accepted at Adventureland.

Corporate or organization checks, or purchase orders, are accepted at the front gate only for advanced, confirmed reservations.
 Are 'selfie sticks' or Go-Pro's allowed in Adventureland Park?
No - Selfie sticks and Go-Pro's are not allowed inside Adventureland Park or Adventure Bay for safety reasons.
 Can I bring food & beverages into Adventureland Park?
Food from outside of Adventureland is not allowed inside Adventureland Park.

Exemptions may be made for medical or dietary restrictions. For additional information contact 

Adventureland permits ONLY UNOPENED bottled water and bottled sports hydration drinks (e.g. Gatorade, Powerade) into the park. Cooler's are not permitted.  All other beverages, including Soda/Pop (e.g. Coke, Pepsi), Energy Drinks (e.g. Monster, Red Bull), ARE NOT allowed inside Adventureland Park. Empty refillable water bottles may be brought into the park and filled at bottle filling stations located at the Chicken Shack, Dragon Island Bridge, Outlaw Gulch and Adventure Bay.

We reserve the right to screen all persons, bags and other items at park entrances as well as within the park. Unauthorized items may be confiscated or be cause for guest removal from the park.

If you wish to picnic, there is a covered picnic shelter provided just outside the main gates. This area is first come, first served - just get a hand stamp before leaving the park for re-entry!
 Is smoking or vaping allowed at Adventureland Park?
No – Adventureland Park, Adventure Bay and Adventureland Inn are entirely non-smoking & vaping properties. We request you do not bring cigarettes or vape pens beyond the main front gate. Cigarettes or vape pens may be returned to your vehicle. Adventureland reserves the right to confiscate any and all contraband items.
 Can I leave and come back the same day at no charge?
Yes – just get your hand stamped prior to leaving at the main gate.

For parking - just keep your parking ticket-receipt that you were given upon arrival and show it to the parking lot attendant upon your return. Your parking lot ticket-receipt is valid for one day only.
 Are there maximum weight & height limits for the rides? 

Some rides are easier for a larger person to ride. We suggest rides with more open or bench style seating such as the Saw Mill Splash, Sky Wheel, Sky Lift, Balloon Race, etc. Weight distribution plays a big part as well - if you are heavier in the middle, lap bars may be difficult to secure, but over head restraints may not be an issue.

  • We do not have specific weight limits except on certain kiddie rides and water slides.
  • All riders must be able to securely fasten all required seat belts/harnesses in order to ride.
  • Extenders are not made available from the ride manufacturers for our rides as a safety issue.
  • Over head restraints may prohibit taller guests from riding certain rides.
  • Water slides have a 250 lb weight limit for a single rider, and 400 lb limit for double riders.

Please consult Ride Accessibility for complete details.

 What rides am I restricted from if I am wearing a cast?

Guests wearing an arm, hand or leg cast, or neck brace may not ride the Tornado, Outlaw, Dragon Slayer, Himalaya, Space Shot, Phoenix, G-Force, Sidewinder, Frog Hopper, Scrambler, Storm Chaser, Monster, Shakin' Bacon, all slides in Bernie's Barnyard Playground, and most attractions in Adventure Bay.

Please consult Ride Accessibility for complete details.

 Are there restrictions if I have a prosthetic or amputated limb?

Guests with a prosthetic limb or one or more amputated limbs may be restricted from certain rides in the park or water park for safety reasons. Please check with our staff at Guest Services when you arrive or call us at 515-266-2121 in advance of your visit so we can make the most informed decision possible about safe riding.

Please consult Ride Accessibility for complete details.

 Do any of your rides contain magnets?
Several rides do use magnetic power for various reasons. This includes The Monster, Phoenix, and the Dragon Slayer..

Please check with your doctor if you have a condition (such as an implanted pacemaker) that may be affected by magnets.
 Can I bring my own stroller to Adventureland?
Yes you can - strollers and wagons are both allowed in Adventureland Park. You can also rent strollers at the Old Firestation, located on the west side of Main Street just after you enter the park.
 What are your hours of operation?
Adventureland always opens at 10 am. Adventure Bay opens at 11am (on days in operation). Closing times vary – click HERE to be taken to our calendar page for further details. Closing times are subject to change without notice.
 If it rains, does Adventureland close?
Adventureland doesn't often close due to weather. Rainy days are a part of spring and summer, so we usually play in the rain! If severe weather passes through, some rides may temporarily shut down until the severe weather passes. If we do close early, see front gate personnel on your way out. If the weather looks poor, please check our website or call us at 515-266-2121 to verify park hours of operation.

Adventure Bay
Adventure Bay doesn't often close due to weather. However, for everyone's safety, all pools and slides must be cleared for 30 minutes after the last lightning is seen. Cold temperatures may also cause Adventure Bay not to operate for the safety of our employees.
 Is there a place to just drop people off & not pay for parking?
Yes - there is a drop off lane to the far left as you drive through the entrance road coming into Adventureland Park. You may park here for up to 30 minutes.
 Are pets allowed into Adventureland Park? 
No - Pets are not allowed into Adventureland. Valid service animals are an exception to this. Service animals may be restricted from riding most rides inside Adventureland Park. Service animals must remain on leash and in the guest's possession at all times.
 Do you have kennel services available for pets at Adventureland?
No - Kennel service is not available at Adventureland Park.

Please Note: Iowa State law prohibits you from leaving pets in your car while at Adventureland. Temperatures inside cars can be many degrees warmer than outside, posing a threat to your pets’ health. Pets found inside vehicles in the Adventureland parking lot will be turned over to local animal control for their safety.
 What rides am I restricted from riding if I am pregnant?

Please consult with your physician to determine any restrictions regarding amusement park rides prior to your visit. Adventureland extends a restriction for any ride with a lap bar and/or shoulder harness or any rides that have sudden turns and/or stops. Some of these rides include the Tornado, Outlaw, The Monster, G-Force, Space Shot, Himalaya, Sidewinder, Underground, Phoenix, Dragon Slayer and Bumper Cars. Restrictions are posted at the entrance to each ride.

Please consult Ride Accessibility for complete details.

 What are the height requirements for your rides?
Height requirements vary depending on the ride. Please see our Rides Page to view each rides' height restrictions.
 Do you have a Lost and Found?
All lost items found at Adventureland are taken and stored in Guest Services. Guest Services is located near the entrance to Adventureland on the east side of Main Street. Items found in the park will be stored in lost and found for one week. Perishable food items and damp or wet items will be discarded at the end of each day.

Please call Guest Services during park operational hours at 515-266-2121 ext. 3350 to check for your lost items.
 Do you have a public address system?
No - Adventureland does not have a public address system. Please make arrangements ahead of time as to where to meet your party.
 Is there a space available for a mother to go & nurse her child?
Guest Services, near the front of Adventureland Park, has clean comfortable locking rooms that can be used for nursing.
Adventure Bay guest services, located just north of the wave pool, also has spaces available for nursing mothers.
 Where should my child go if he/she gets lost?
Let your child know that he or she can ask any uniformed staff member for help if they are lost. Please take the time to identify staff members to your child when you arrive. If lost children are found by a staff member, they will be taken to Guest Services if in the Park, or Bay Services if in Adventure Bay Water Park. Wristbands are available at the Front Gate for parents to write their information on. In the event your child is lost, staff members will use the in formation on the wristband to contact you.
 Where should I go for First Aid? 
Any uniformed staff member can get first aid assistance to your location. Adventureland’s primary first aid location is in Guest Services at the front of the park.

Adventure Bay
Any uniformed staff member or lifeguard can get first aid assistance to your location. Adventure Bay's guest services is located just across the second bridge by Breaker Beach wave pool.
 Where can I see the pictures I had taken as we entered the park?
You can either go to the “View Your Photo” store on Main Street or visit Professor Bellows Online. For questions, please call 515-266-2121 ext. 3252.
 What rides are special needs accessible?

Most any ride is special needs accessible. All riders must meet ride height restrictions.

We have in park staff that can help special needs guests access most any ride. Simply ask any staff member for a special needs assist and they can contact the staff for you. We cannot physically assist anyone on or off of a ride for liability reasons.
Wristbands are also available for special needs guests at Guest Services. These wristbands can be use to write a telephone number that staff can use in event someone gets separated from their group.

Please consult Ride Accessibility for complete details.

 How do I submit a donation request?
Thank you for thinking of Adventureland Resort in your effort to solicit donations. Due to the unprecedented number of requests received each year, Adventureland Resort has established the following policy regarding grants of donations:

1. Adventureland can only accept donation requests from verified 501(c)(3) charitable entities. The organization’s Tax Identification number from the Internal Revenue Service will be required.

2. All requests for donations must be submitted annually between December 1 and December 31 using our online donation request form. All requests must be made during this 31-day period annually. Any requests made outside this time period and/or submitted by mail, will not be considered.

3. Requests submitted using our online donation request form during the proper time period will be evaluated in January of the ensuing year. If your request is selected for an award, it will be made by the end of January. All awards will be sent by mail.

All requests for donation must be submitted between December 1 and December 31 only. Thank you!
 Can I wear a costume to Adventureland?
Adventureland Park does not allow costumes to be worn by guests inside the park or water park. Masks that obscure your face are also not allowed, unless for specific medical reasons. Adventureland reserves the right to define what is a costume on a case by case basis and to make exceptions for special Adventureland hosted events.
 How can I reprint my lost tickets?
Good news! Adventureland Park will accept mobile e-tickets on smart phones and tablets for all printed items. If you still need to access your purchased tickets online you can access them again on the website. Login or Register a new account using the same email you used to purchase tickets to view a list of your previous orders.
 Do you have allergen friendly foods?
Please contact for more information.
 Does Adventureland check bags prior to entry?
All bags are subject to inspection prior to entry. Any guest refusing a bag inspection will not be permitted into Adventureland Park. Guests who have items that are not allowed inside Adventureland Park, which includes but is not limited to weapons, alcohol, cigarettes, vape pens, outside food and beverage including coolers, may either discard them at the main gate or return them to their vehicles. 
 When do the rides close?
Generally most rides close at Adventureland's scheduled closing time. However, select rides may operate on a different schedule, and some ride queue lines may close early when wait times extend beyond the scheduled closing hours.
 Where can I store my items while on a ride?
Items should always be left with a non rider, with select rides having designated areas to leave your belongings. Please note: Adventureland assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items. 
 Are there family restrooms available?

Yes! Family restrooms are located in Guest Services, the Main Street Arcade, Adventure Bay first aid and the Breaker Beach wave pool changing rooms.

 Does Adventureland sell alcohol?
Yes, you must have a valid Government issued photo ID to purchase or consume alcohol at Adventureland Park.