Adventure Bay

 Are lockers available for rent?
Lockers are available for rent in Adventure Bay.

Locker rentals are single day rentals only. Lockers in Adventure Bay are electronic and come in 3 sizes. The cost is $18, $25 or $30 depending on the size of the locker. Adventure Bay lockers do not require a security deposit. Locker rentals are single day rentals only.
 What payment(s) are accepted at Adventure Bay?
Adventureland and Adventure Bay accept all major debit and credit cards. Cash nor checks will be accepted. 
  Does Adventureland sell alcohol?
 Yes, you must have a valid Government issued photo ID to purchase or consume alcohol at Adventureland Park. 
 Do I need a swimsuit to use Adventure Bay?
In order to be on any structure inside Adventure Bay you will need a swimming suit with no metal rivets, zippers or snaps. Denim materials are not allowed in the water or on slides. You can be in the lounge area, food stand, and retail stand in street clothing. Thong style swimwear is not permitted in Adventure Bay.
 Are there changing areas available at Adventure Bay?
Changing facilities are available in Adventure Bay water park at the following locations: To the right as you enter Adventure Bay (next to the Tube Shack) and next to the Grub Hub across from Breaker Beach wave pool.
 Do I have to rent a tube to use the wave pool or lazy river? 
No - Tubes are not required in the wave pool or lazy river - you may float without a tube. Tube rentals may are only allowed in the Lazy River and Wave Pool.

Tubes are available for rent at the Tube Shack for $6 per tube. Adventureland is not responsible for any missing, stolen, or lost tubes.
 Are "Selfie Sticks" allowed in Adventure Bay?
No - Selfie sticks are not allowed inside Adventure Bay or Adventureland Park for safety reasons.
 Is smoking or vaping allowed at Adventure Bay?
No – Adventureland Park, Adventure Bay and Adventureland Inn are entirely non-smoking & vaping properties. We request you do not bring cigarettes or vape pens beyond the main front gate. Cigarettes or vape pens may be returned to your vehicle or kept in a locker outside the front gate. Adventureland reserves the right to confiscate any and all contraband items.
 Is Adventure Bay included in my Adventureland Park admission? 
Yes it is, when the water park is in operation. You can visit both the Adventureland Park and Adventure Bay for one low price! Don't forget to bring your swimsuits and towels!

Click Here to view a calendar of hours for Adventureland and Adventure Bay!

PLEASE NOTE: Capacity limits will be observed in Adventure Bay during peak times.
 Are there maximum weight limits for water slides?

 In Adventure Bay most of the water slides have a 250 lb weight limit for a single rider, and 400 lb limit for double riders.

In Adventureland Park we generally do not have specific weight limits except on some kiddie rides

 When is Adventure Bay Open?

Click Here to view a calendar of hours for Adventureland and Adventure Bay! Adventure Bay opens at 11am on Bay Operating Days. 

PLEASE NOTE: Capacity limits will be observed during peak times.

 How do I rent a Cabana at Adventure Bay? 
Cabana's can be rented online through our secure booking website. The website allows you to view pricing, availability, pictures and make reservations. Click HERE to rent your cabana today! Questions?  Please reach out to Guest Services
 If it rains, does Adventure Bay close?
Adventure Bay doesn't often close due to weather. However, for everyone's safety, all pools and slides must be cleared for 30 minutes after the last lightning is seen. Cold temperatures may also cause Adventure Bay not to operate for the safety of our employees.

Adventureland Park
Adventureland doesn't often close due to weather. Rainy days are a part of spring and summer, so we usually play in the rain! If severe weather passes through, some rides may temporarily shut down until the severe weather passes. If we do close early, see front gate personnel on your way out. If the weather looks poor, please check our website or call us at 515-266-2121 to verify park hours of operation.
 Where can I go for First Aid?
Any uniformed staff member or lifeguard can get first aid assistance to your location. Adventure Bay's Guest Services is located just across the second bridge by Breaker Beach wave pool.

Adventureland Park
Any uniformed staff member can get first aid assistance to your location. Adventureland’s primary first aid location is in Guest Information at the front of the park.
 Is there a space available for a mother to go & nurse her child?

Adventure Bay guest services, located just north of the wave pool, also has spaces available for nursing mothers.

Guest Information, near the front of Adventureland Park, has clean comfortable locking rooms that can be used for nursing.

 Are there family restrooms available?
Yes! Family restrooms are located in Guest Information, the Main Street Arcade, Adventure Bay Guest Services and the Breaker Beach wave pool changing rooms.
 Are service animals allowed in Adventure Bay?
Yes, they are.  However, animals are not allowed in the water or any water attraction. Please leave animals with another friend or family member while you are enjoying these activities.