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You can relax and have fun with everyone else knowing everything will be taken care of by our staff. Prior to your outing one of our special events representatives will help you plan your event every step of the way.

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Corporate Rates (ticket prices are tax included)

One Day Admission Prices for groups all attending the Park on the same day (Includes unlimited rides and shows)

Group Size Park Admission Rate You Save
15-99 people $35 per person $10
100-499 people $32 per person $13
500-999 people $28 per person $17
1000 people and over $26 per person $19

These rates apply to all guests 4 years and older. Children 3 and under are admitted free. Invoices paid by credit card will be subject to a 3% surcharge. For reservations call (515) 266-2121 or (800) 532-1286.

Group Facilities

When you provide a meal for your group we will provide one of our specially designed picnic facilities free of charge! One of our event planners will help you select the one just right for your group.

The Clubhouse
The Gazebo
The Palace Theater
The Festival Grounds

Special meals can be prepared for any occasion. Private catered meals are prepared for groups of 75 people or more. All catering arrangements must be confirmed through Adventureland's Sales Department at least two weeks prior to your group's visit. Adventureland will need a guaranteed number of people for meals 5 business days prior to your picnic. You will be charged for your guarantee plus any meals served over that number. Adventureland will prepare 5% over your guarantee. Tickets will be issued for all picnic meals. Each person served a meal, including those 3 years old and under, will need a meal ticket. All meals subject to Iowa state sales tax.

2019 Picnic Menu

Help yourself to one of Adventureland's delicious picnic meals. Golden fried chicken and juicy Iowa beef are specialties that have made Adventureland's hearty home style cooking second to none. When you put either of these together with fresh summer salads, country style vegetables, ice cold drinks, and excellent personal service - it just says "Adventureland".

Download Menu

Fun Money

Adventureland Fun Money is available in $1 increments. (50 minimum order). Each coupon is valid for any purchase in Adventureland Park. It's a great way to provide your group with an extra special treat throughout the day.

For more information on catering, call the Adventureland Group Sales Office, (515) 266-2121 or (800) 532-1286.


Adventureland does not allow you to bring food or beverages into the Amusement Park. If you bring your own food, we suggest you leave it in your car until meal time. A picnic shelter area is provided just outside our Front Gate entrance.

10 Easy Steps to Fun

  1. Talk with an Adventureland Representative: and learn how much fun Adventureland can be for groups like yours!
  2. Plan an outing that's just right for your group. Provide a full day of fun and excitement at Adventureland Park with over 100 rides, shows, and attractions.
    • Reserve a private area for a catered picnic
    • Provide refreshments and snacks
    • Provide Fun Money
  3. Select your date: Discuss your date preference and facility requirements with your Adventureland Representative.
  4. Determine how you want to schedule your group's day at Adventureland:
    • Reserved Area
    • Refreshments
    • Meal Time
  5. Confirmation: Your Adventureland Representative will email confirmation detailing the specifics of your outing. Simply sign and return a copy to Adventureland at your earliest convenience.
  6. Promotional Materials: Your Adventureland Representative will provide you with posters and brochures well in advance of your outing for use in informing your group of their upcoming event.
  7. Ticket Distribution: Your Adventureland Representative will provide you with your group's tickets well in advance of your outing, so that you will have ample time to distribute the tickets to everyone in your group.
  8. Meal Guarantee: If your group is having a meal, you will need to let your Adventureland Representative know five (5) business days in advance how many meals to prepare for your outing.
  9. Picnic Day!!! Enjoy the day - you've done your job! Your Adventureland Representative will be on hand to check with you and make sure that everything proceeds to your satisfaction.
  10. Payment: An invoice will be emailed to you for your outing following your event.

Answers to Your Questions

The following information will be helpful in planning your outing at Adventureland.

  1. Should an outing include both admission and a meal? A meal is a great opportunity to create an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie among employees and their families. It provides a greater sense of personal relationship away from day-to-day working conditions.
  2. How far in advance do we need to reserve a picnic facility for an outing? If an exact date is important, it is advisable to reserve your outing date early in the year. If your outing date can be somewhat flexible, facilities, in many instances, are still available later in the season.
  3. How many people should we plan for? Generally, if the company is paying for the entire admission and/or meal, you can figure your attendance will be approximately two times the number of employees invited.
  4. What will the total cost be? Multiply the quoted cost of admission plus meal cost, if applicable, times the number of people expected.
  5. Should the company pay for the entire cost of admission and/or meal? This would depend upon your budget. Most companies will pay for the entire cost of admission and meal. Other companies require employees to pay for a portion of the cost per person.
  6. Who should be eligible to go? It is certainly your company's choice, but most companies invite all employees and their immediate families. This can be determined by:
    • verifying the number of company-insured family members
    • verifying from tax withholding forms
    • verifying through spot checks of reservations turned in
  7. Should employees be allowed to bring along additional guests and/or grandchildren? Some companies allow employees to bring additional guests beyond their immediate family by paying the company for the total cost of the additional admissions and/or meals.
  8. How far in advance should employees be notified? Notify the employees of the date as soon as possible. Allow employees to begin making reservations four or five weeks ahead with an absolute deadline 10 days prior to the outing.
  9. How should actual reservations be handled? A reservation form can be distributed to all eligible employees. The form should include the following information:
    • Name of employee
    • Number of people, 4 years and older, attending the outing
    • Number of people, regardless of age, who will want a meal
    • Cut-off date for reservations
    • Name of person to contact if there are questions
    • Name of person to turn the reservation forms in to
  10. How long should we plan for serving a meal? Plan approximately one-half hour for every five hundred (500) people. Make sure that each person that wants to eat a meal has a meal ticket. Everyone that picks up a plate in the buffet line will need a meal ticket, regardless of age.

More Information?

Feel free to call one of our representatives anytime to answer your specific questions.
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Call 1-800-532-1286 or email groupsales@adventurelandpark.com
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