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Due to low temperatures, Adventure Bay will be closed for the remainder of today (5.28.24).

Draken Falls

Gear up for the ultimate family-sized thrill!
Type of attraction
 Rides & Slides
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 42
Riders between 42" and 48" must be accompanied by a supervising companion of the required height
Accessible for people with disabilities
A Log Flume Journey With Twists & Turns

Gear up for the ultimate family-sized thrill at Draken Falls. This log flume adventure offers fun surprises around each new twist and turn. It’s the perfect attraction for families of all ages to enjoy together. 

Hop aboard the Viking ship as you set off on your journey but hold on tightly because you’ll be racing along the entire way. The log flume voyage takes you through a series of twists and turns along a river. Pass through forests, plunge down waterfalls, and brave some surprise vertical drops into splash zones. Only one thing is certain when you set off on this Viking Voyage: plenty of laughter and a hearty dose of splashes!

Where the voyage takes you is a mystery until you brave the Viking ship yourself. But worry not, you won’t have to do it all alone. The log flume is family sized, allowing you to share the experience with your entire group! Create fun and thrilling memories as you get splashed and explore the mysterious twists and turns of the ride together. 

This ride is the “sea” portion of a “sea and land” journey. It shares the same entrance with the Flying Viking ride, which is the “land” portion of the attraction. The two rides are intertwined with one another, making it convenient to try both rides in one visit. 

What are you waiting for? The ultimate Viking sea journey awaits at Draken Falls!

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