What is Phantom Fall Fest?
Phantom Fall Fest is Adventureland’s new Halloween event for everyone! It features Iowa’s best thrills, rides and attractions, specialty food & drink options, and bone-chilling haunts and scare zones after dark.
 When is Phantom Fall Fest?
Phantom Fall Fest operates every weekend starting September 30th through October 30th.
 What does a Phantom Fall Fest ticket include?
A Phantom Fall Fest ticket includes park access! Play during the day on family-friendly rides and enjoy new dining experiences, then fright all night with four haunts, three scare zones and your favorite thrill rides in the dark! It’s a can’t-miss event for the whole family.
 What haunts and scare zones are part of Phantom Fall Fest?

All-new haunts and scare zones await our bravest guests including: 

Haunted Houses: mAlice in Wonderland, The Corn Stalkers, CarnEVIL and  Spirits of the Swamp. 

Scare Zones: MasqueRAGE: The Phantom’s World, Death Metal Vampires and Arachnophobia.
 Can I visit Phantom Fall Fest with my Season Pass?

For the 2022 season, the following Season Passholders receive unlimited admission to Phantom Fall Fest:

  • 2022 Platinum 

  • 2022 Gold 

  • 2022 Silver 

Additionally, 2022 Bronze Passholders receive discounted admission to Phantom Fall Fest — or better yet, can upgrade to a 2022 Silver, Gold or Platinum Season Pass! Single ticket pricing will be announced later this summer.

 How do I get tickets for Phantom Fall Fest?
Unlimited admission is included with 2022 Platinum, Gold and Silver Adventureland Season Passess. Single Day ticket prices and on sales dates will be announced later this summer. Follow us on Facebook for up to date announcements.
 Are costumes allowed during Phantom Fall Fest?
Guests are not permitted to wear costumes during Phantom Fall Fest.
 Can you bring a group to Phantom Fall Fest?
Yes! Discounts are available during Phantom Fall Fest for groups of 15 or more. Contact us by emailing groups@adventurelandpark.com.
 Are there any age restrictions?
Phantom Fall Fest nights are not recommended for children under 13. If you or someone in your group become too scared to continue, there are many emergency exits throughout each attraction. Please stop an actor and let them know and you will be directed to the exit.
Are the monsters allowed to touch you?
The actors will not touch you at Adventureland; however, they do get very close. Occasionally you may end up brushing up against their costumes or props.
 Are the haunts accessible to Guests with Disabilities?
Yes they are, but please stop by Guest Services so they can answer your questions and give you more specific information.
 Is there fog in the haunted houses?
Yes, we use fog liberally during Phantom Fall Fest nights. If you find the smoke or odors too intense, there are emergency exits throughout each attraction. Please stop an actor and let them know and you will be directed to the exit.
 Are there strobe lights?
 Yes, strobe lights are in operation in some of our haunted attractions.
 Is flash photography allowed inside of your haunted attractions?
No photography of any sort is permitted inside the haunts; however, the roving characters and creatures working out in the midways will quite often pose for pictures.
 Can I bring food and drink into the park during Phantom Fall Fest?

Food from outside of Adventureland is not allowed inside Adventureland Park.

Exemptions may be made for medical or dietary restrictions. For additional information contact info@adventurelandpark.com.

 Can you leave and re-enter the park during Phantom Fall Fest?
Guests may leave the park and re-enter the park prior to 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Re-entry is not permitted on Fridays.
 Are the Haunts opened in the rain?
As long as the park is open, the indoor haunted attractions will stay open in the rain. However, when conditions warrant, our outside attractions may have to temporarily close until the weather improves. Please note, Phantom Fall Fest can be canceled in the event of inclement weather. Cancellations or early closures will be announced on our website, along with the Adventureland Facebook and Instagram pages
 Do you sell souvenirs?
 Yes! Souvenirs can be found in a number of gift shops and kiosks located throughout the park.
 Are you hiring for Phantom Fall Fest?
Absolutely! We’re hiring for Seasonal Scare Actor roles, with Ghoul School training to ensure spooky, startling and safe scaring. Visit HERE to apply.