Due to current weather conditions, there will be a limited rides package this weekend.

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Haunts & Scare Zones

Four Terrifying Haunts    

mALICE in Wonderland

mALICE in Wonderland

Now Free with Admission
This completely reimagined adventure will leave you wondering if you are mad. Experience this terrifying rabbit hole, where the evil inhabitants of Wonderland will greet you, scare you and leave you wondering if you choose the wrong path. Beware of the Red Queen and her subjects – rumor has it they want you as their next victim.



As you navigate through distorted funhouse mirrors, you never know which sinister clown might be lurking behind the next corner. Beware of the demented clowns lurking in the shadows, ready to turn your innocent chuckles into horrifying screams. 

Corn Monster


A chemical spill has turned an Iowa corn field into a hazmat disaster and you’re on the cleanup crew. But what should be just another day on the job even the toughest first responders running for the hills It’s almost like the corn is… alive.

Swamp Monster

Spirits of the Swamp

A roadside attraction of a bayou ghost town lures you in – but will it let you leave? Escape the plagues unleashed by tortured spirits before you get pulled into the swamp forever.

Four ALL-NEW Scare Zones  

The Main Scream


Where once stood iconic Main Street now has plunged into chaos by an unforgiving zombie virus. As day turns to night, the streets that were once filled with laughter and life are now overrun by the relentless undead. The distant echoes of civilization have now been replaced by eerie moans and chilling growls. As you dare to travel through this nightmarish realm, prepare to be both thrilled and chilled by the ruthless undead lurking around every corner.

Nordic Nightmare

Nordic Nightmare

Step into the shadows and witness the terror of history’s fiercest warriors that have awakened from their slumber and are out of turkey legs. The echoes of battle cries and ghostly whispers will haunt your every step. Be prepared to confront the ancient terrors that have risen from the depth of Nordic lore, their presence alone will send shivers down your spine. Prepare yourself for a journey that will haunt your dreams long after the night has ended.

The Fallen

The Fallen

Step into the eerie realm of “The Fallen,” nestled in the haunted Arbor. As twilight deepens, moss-draped headstones cast long shadows while their secrets linger in the misty air. The boundaries between the living and the afterlife blur here, a place where curiosity can end you in someone else’s grave. Don’t let those who have fallen find you here. Enter the cemetery if you dare to find out what could be lurking in the shadows.



Embark on a spine-chilling odyssey deep within the darkest corners of Adventureland, where nightmares come to life. Enter the twisted world where a family of moonshine producers are driven to madness by their concoctions and have spiraled into a deranged existence. The disturbed figures that inhabit this realm move with an unsettling, unhinged energy where their distorted grins and vacant stares will leave you screaming for your mommy. But don’t scream too loud or else the Shiller will find you. Nobody knows what happens after the Shiller finds its victims and I don’t think you want to find out. 

Rides Open for Phantom Fall Fest

*Circus Balloons
Dragon Slayer
*Dragon’s Nest
Flying Viking
Frantic Freeway
Giant Sky Wheel

*Hampton Cars
*Leap Frog

Monster - Will be closed 10/27-10/29 due to weather
Phoenix - Will be closed 10/27-10/29 due to weather
Rockin' Rainbow
Space Shot
Storm Chaser
Tornado - Will be closed 10/27-10/29 due to weather

*Red Baron

*Children's Rides Close at 4:30pm

All rides are subject to change.