Safety Is Our Top Priority

We are so excited to welcome you and your family back to Adventureland for the 2022 Season!

We want you to know that the safety of our Guests and Team Members is our top priority, always. We continue to practice the highest standards to best provide a safe, fun experience. We can't do it alone, though! We count on everyone's efforts to do their part by following our rules and policies listed online and around the park. Read on for more information about our park operations this summer.

 Adventureland Team Member Safety Training

We take training seriously. Proper training is a critical component of providing a safe and enjoyable experience, and a major focus at Adventureland for all departments, especially staff that work with park attractions.

  • Ride Operations and Aquatics staff receive extensive training and must pass a certification process, including written tests and on-the-job training before operating an attraction for guests or serving as a lifeguard.
  • Ride Operators receive training every season for any attractions they will operate. Operators are trained in normal operating procedures, as well as procedures to respond to emergencies.
  • All training procedures are established by Palace Entertainment & Adventureland Resort, working together with manufacturers and independent third-party experts, and in accordance with relevant state laws and industry standards.
  • Our Ride Operators receive close supervision by a team of Ride Supervisors who conduct random and unannounced audits and lead in-service trainings to review safety practices throughout the season. Independent third-party experts and the Palace Entertainment Park Support staff also perform random and unannounced audits.
  • Maintenance staff members participate in technical, management, and safety training conducted by third-party experts and Palace Entertainment staff.
 Ride Safety Inspections at Adventureland

Our rides receive daily inspections. All rides and attractions are inspected daily by ride maintenance technicians. There are different degrees of inspections (daily, weekly, monthly, and annually). Inspections take different lengths and follow different protocols for every ride. Rides and water park attractions do not open without passing inspection each day.

State inspectors from the Iowa Division of Labor, as well as third-party experts, also inspect rides on an announced and unannounced basis.

 Ongoing Safety Process Enhancements for Adventureland

We're always looking for new ways to improve processes. Our safety processes are constantly being reviewed, documented, standardized, practiced, and upgraded.

  • New in 2022, Adventureland employs a Director of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) focused on aligning all park practices with Palace Entertainment safety standards.
  • New in 2022, Adventureland employs a Director of Operations focused on operational excellence and safety.
  • Palace Entertainment has implemented its best practices for safe operations in all areas of Adventureland, which allows our staff to proactively identify and correct potential risks and properly respond to incidents that do occur.
 Ride Height Updates

Ensuring riders are within appropriate height and weight guidelines is an important part of Adventureland’s safety protocols. We commit to following the height and weight requirements put in place by ride manufacturers, as well as following policies set by our parent company, Palace Entertainment, to best ensure riders are an appropriate size and maturity level for attractions. Height requirements can periodically change based upon guidance from ride manufacturers, as well as ongoing enhancement to safety standards developed by Palace Entertainment and the amusement industry at large. In addition to setting a minimum height requirement for an attraction, some rides have a maximum height and/or weight limit.

For the 2022 Season, guests will find new, clearer guidelines established for some attractions. While we understand these changes can be disappointing to younger guests who may have enjoyed an attraction in prior seasons, please know these updates are made with the safety of all riders as our highest priority. Please see below for a list of newly updated height/weight requirements in place for the 2022 Season, and view the requirements for all rides on our Attractions page.

Updated based on ride manufacturer policies

Tornado, Outlaw – 48” minimum

G-Force – 52” minimum

Updated to establish a minimum height requirement per ride manufacturer policies

Dragon’s Nest – 36” minimum

Hamptons, Red Baron – 36” minimum, 54” maximum

Teacups – 36” minimum, riders between 36” and 42” must be accompanied by a supervising companion at least 42” tall

Parachutes, Galleon, Scrambler, Tilt A Whirl – 36” minimum, riders between 36” and 48” must be accompanied by a supervising companion at least 48” tall

Chuck Wagon – 42” minimum or accompanied by a supervising companion of the required height

Your feedback is important to us! If you would like to discuss this or other elements of our new safety policies and procedures, please feel free to Contact Us at any time.

 How is Adventureland Responding to COVID-19?

Adventureland remains committed to providing a clean, safe environment, with numerous measures in place, such as regular, thorough cleaning throughout the park and hand sanitizing stations in high-traffic areas. Please know that there remains an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 or any other communicable disease in any place where people are present.

While we are committed to enhanced standards in an effort to keep you as healthy and safe as possible, there remains an inherent and elevated risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place and any place where people are present. People who do not show symptoms can still spread COVID-19. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and persons with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable and at higher risk for severe illness. Guests should familiarize themselves with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and evaluate their risk in determining whether they should attend our facilities. If you or a family member are ill or think you may be getting ill, please postpone your visit until you are well.

By visiting our facility, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19

 Covid-19 Guest Responsibilities
  • If you have a fever or are displaying other symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home.
  • Wash hands often with soap and water.
  • Avoid touching your face.
 Covid-19 Best Practices
  • Hand Cleansing: Asking everyone to wash hands often with soap and water.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Sanitizer stations have been provided throughout the park.
  • Education & Training: Cleaning and safety practices are a critical part of Adventureland staff training. This applies to new Team Members and continuing education for existing staff. Training covers not only COVID-19 but all communicable illnesses and a wide variety of other subjects. Safety is our top priority.
  • Sanitizing Teams: We continue to do regular, thorough cleaning throughout the park, especially at high-traffic locations.
  • Face Coverings: The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommends that facial coverings be worn indoors in communities with a high level of COVID-19 transmission and hospitalization. As of April 2022, face coverings are optional for Guests and Team Members. To review current community levels of COVID-19, visit the CDC's website.
 Raging River

Raging River shall remain closed in 2022 while Adventureland evaluates the attraction for potential safety and operational enhancements. Palace Entertainment is committed to a comprehensive review of the 2021 Raging River at Adventureland accident to enable us to make all improvements necessary to ensure the attraction meets the highest safety standards.

Palace Entertainment's guests enjoy millions and millions of safe, fun experiences annually. Safety is the foundation of everything we do as a company; our livelihood depends on providing safe, fun environments. We will continue to uphold safety as our core operating principle at Adventureland Resort and every Palace Entertainment property.