Request Information

Thank you for thinking of Adventureland Resort in your effort to solicit donations. Due to the unprecedented number of requests received each year, Adventureland Resort has established the following policy regarding grants of donations:

  • Adventureland can only accept donation requests from verified 501(c)(3) charitable entities. The organization’s Tax Identification number from the Internal Revenue Service will be required.
  • All requests for donations must be submitted annually between 12/01 and 12/31 using our online donation request form. All requests must be made during this 31-day period annually. Any requests made outside this time period and/or submitted by mail, will not be considered.
  • Requests submitted using our online donation request form during the proper time period will be evaluated in January of the ensuing year. If your request is selected for an award, it will be made by the end of January. All awards will be sent by mail.